An exam is not a reason to faint

An exam is not a reason to faint

Nerdy-Writers June 23, 2018 0
How to prepare for the exam morally

The most exciting part of studying for a student is a period of exams. Even when you are confident in your knowledge, your hands are sweating, and your stomach is in knots because of incomprehensible fear. Is it possible to do something in such cases? If you do not want to faint whenever you have an exam, go blank or experience any discomfort, read this article. These tips are worth taking note.

Exam eve

Start to prepare morally and physically for a responsible day in advance. Hide all your notes and forget about them until tomorrow. You can’t make up for lost time. If you are nervous because all year you ignored this subject, seemingly you will not be able to cope with the tasks. It is impossible to ask somebody: “write my essay for me” like before. The human brain is not able to absorb a large amount of information in a short period of time, only if you do not have an excellent short-term memory. Are you one of them?

  • snack something useful, instead of the usual hearty dinner. It will relieve you of weight in the stomach and improve your sleep.
  • ventilate in your room before you jump to bed.
  • take a warm bath with foam and 2-3 drops of mint or lavender oil.
  • go to bed early for you to have a good sleep. 8-9 hours will be enough to recharge.
  • turn off all your phones, tablets and computers, don’t scroll up and down social media and avoid bright light one hour before.

Day X

You will do the useful thing, if you wake up not too early and not too late. If you run around the house while you get ready, it will not add confidence to you. And if you have too much time, you will remind yourself once again how afraid you are. Choose the optimal amount of time in order to be in time to:

  • really wake up. do light morning exercises, warm up your body to wake up your mind. Wash and brush your teeth. Take a contrast shower, which will make you cheerful and ready to move mountains.
  • have breakfast. It should be easy to eat food, which your body digests well, without surprises.
  • pack up a backpack. Check if you took all the necessary notebooks, extra pe, s and pencils. Take a bottle of still water and chocolate, if you feel bad. A piece of black chocolate can normalize pressure, improve brain function and cheer you up.
  • iron your clothes, if you didn’t do it in the evening, get dressed, comb your hair. A neat appearance always adds confidence to a person in any situation.

On the way

While you are going in the car or bus, try to relax, turn on pleasant, positive music, or communicate with your close people. Your family and friends will be able to find some words, to distract you and encourage you. And think about whether it’s worth worrying at all? Even if you fail it, the world will not stop spinning. But you have already done your best. Now you need to show the results of your work and what you learned. Keeptheheadup!