Essay – what is it?

Essay – what is it?

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Essay – what is it

By essay we mean a paper which typically describes author’s point of view on specific subjects. It can be both non-fictional and subjective. The amount of topics on which essay can be done is numerous. It can vary from daily life outlines, family, group or individual memories to debates, political speeches. Particular qualities of an essay often match genre specificity of an article or outline. Standard form of essay is prose, it is habitual for reader and tends to be easy to perform. To be original you can use verse. It isn’t common, but it maintains its place in writer’s world.

France is a motherland of essay. French word is translated as “an attempt” or ” a try”. Michel de Montaigne was the first who entitled his writings as essays. The history of an essay began in 16th century and has been continuing since then. This literary form has many advantages, such as brevity, elegance, presence of personal involvement. That is the reason why this genre of literature can be used to nurture cultures of thinking.

Essay is a common method among pedagogues; it has become a part of a formal education. It shows the ability to structure thoughts, use lexis on given topic, and write influential ideas in compressed format. Usually essays are on probation divided into two groups: formal and literary. Whereas literary shows personal attitude to the subject, formal is more discouraged and is based mainly on known facts and critical assessment.

First experience of writing an essay students get learning five paragraph structure. It includes thesis statement; three body paragraphs, which reflect the idea presented in the beginning and contain supporting illustrations from real life; and conclusion, the main goal of which is to consolidate thesis and total all the pluses. To be considered academic essay should include references to used materials, quotations, links in bibliography and the words amount of between 2,000 to 5,000 words. These are the criteria which demonstrate basis of an essay and allow evaluating it qualitatively.

There are many types of essays, but the most known are narrative, descriptive, contrast, persuasive and argumentative. Narrative essay is very subjective and describes course of a past or present events. A chronology is determined by an author and each event is supported with personal opinion. Author’s opinion is usually more valuable than described events. The goal of descriptive essay is impressive picture of a place, object, person. It should contain significant and interesting details which help a reader to envision the item described. Contrast essay is used to reveal similarities and differences in chosen issues. Comparing closely related issues an author shows that there are unobvious differences between them. Persuasive essay is a way to persuade the reader that shown idea or opinion is reasonable and is worth to believe. Writer’s opinion is based on facts and should grab reader’s attention from the very beginning. Argumentative papers examine serious issues with obvious disagreement. It includes a main claim and provides reasons which prove the verity of idea.

The genre of essay isn’t only literary. You can find it in music, films, photography, visual arts. It stops being a story; it encompasses a feeling in music, an idea in cinematography. Genre of an essay is still open for experiments and often they are more than successful.

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