Graduation Period: Pros and Cons

Graduation Period: Pros and Cons

Nerdy-Writers May 3, 2018 0
Graduation Period Pros and Cons

When your coursework is written, and the graduation is on the verge, you may feel like a person who doesn’t know what to do. This situation is quite obvious so don’t be afraid. A million people are passing through this experience every year and now it just your turn.

The most difficult for grads is to find a worthy job with good salary. The main reason for that is that people prefer to hire experienced specialists, but that will be no true to say that person with no working experience won’t find a job.

Except for the work, there are much more striking points for the postgraduate period. Let’s define the significant graduation pros and cons briefly.

Graduation Cons

  • You don’t understand what to do and how to start your career.
  • To create a CV for graduates is much harder than for those who have working experience.
  • Interview is always stress.
  • After the exhausting exams and finishing your assignments you may feel a lack of motivation to move forward.
  • A lot of graduates are moving back to hometown after finishing the exams, and you may become one of them.

Graduation Pros

  • You are finally free now thus “run, Forrest, run” to your new life and all the expected opportunities.
  • You have passed the educational stage in your life and now may do only practice.
  • No more exams, hard tests, and headache.
  • It’s high time to start making money, don’t hesitate because you’re independent now. As well, you won’t have studies anymore you will have time for earning much more than before.
  • You have a degree thus nice job will soon appear.

So we have exactly 50% to 50% of pros and cons regarding the graduation. Honestly, every situation in your life will have the best and the worst scenarios. The thing is that you are taking the challenge and accordingly you are creating results. You may turn your life after graduation in the nightmare or create a dream-dream world to live in. Take your choice.

The years spent in college or university will become sweet memories, and the diploma will never become something useless in the current reality. To become adult is the stage that will come inevitably and no matter when and how you decide to become a “grown-up.” You may make good money even if you dropped out the college and be a loser with several master’s degrees.

Remarkably a lot is happening in our life due to our characters but not the education level. Nevertheless, Bill Gates compares the rate of college dropout with a US tragedy. The numbers impress. 54,2 % of students don’t finish their education in college. ThesamedidBillGatesaswell.
No matter how successful you were in the educational process. The higher education means the whole scope of hard and soft skills you receive. Those who are finishing college or university prove that they are goal-oriented for 100%.