How to Avoid Procrastination in College

How to Avoid Procrastination in College

Nerdy-Writers April 27, 2018 0
How to Avoid Procrastination in College

Each of us sometimes practices procrastination – we are viewing photos line in the Instagram instead of writing a diploma, or drinking coffee for too long and reading Facebook posts in the morning and eventually are late for a lesson. Scientists say that by procrastinating, we avoid assignments that bring unpleasant emotions, and instead of them do what gives short-term pleasure. Postponing business for later, we begin the experience of feeling guilty and ashamed – and because of them, we continue to remain inactive.

The good news is that you can eliminate procrastination: although it seems that we can not do anything with ourselves, this is not the case. We will tell you about several techniques that will help you to master your strength and finally get down to business.

How to control procrastination

To make the fight against procrastination efficient, you need to be extremely honest with yourself first of all. Students have to understand that the problem cannot be solved if they run away from it. Moreover, this will entail a lot of other issues that will come out of the blue. Try to gain control of yourself as soon as possible because procrastination is progressing rapidly, and in the end, you can become a limp creature with a large “bouquet” of complexes and fears.

1. Realize that you have it. To start the treatment, you should grasp and accept that you have a procrastination disease. In any struggle, the main thing is to have a desire, and then it will be easier to fight.

2. Change your complex attitude to the things. Break a big project into smaller pieces and set deadlines for them.
3. If you always postpone a particular job for a while, try to understand why it is so unpleasant for you. Perhaps you will find ways to approach it from the other side.

4. Joy and pleasure will let you cope with temporary procrastination. Find an occupation that will give you a lot of pleasant minutes, and then start working with custom papers.

5. We are terrified of responsibility. Therefore we are frightened by the phrases “I must,” “I am obliged.” Repeat to yourself more often, that you do work only for yourself and on your own.

6. Plan your time. People who plan their day clearly, are more successful, as they do not waste time and manage everything.

7. Delegate. You can not do absolutely everything and do not need to – do only the most worthwhile things, and leave the rest for others. For example, vice waiting for the inspiration to write a perfect article for a lesson, you can entrust this task to UK essay writers.

If procrastination is related to your kind of activity, which does not bring even the slightest pleasure, maybe it would be worthy to venture upon a new profession?

Now you have all the trumps for a successful struggle with procrastination. Identify which task requires more efforts and choose the most suitable methods for you. Become faster, better, stronger! Without procrastination, your life will become brighter, and you will be able to get what you have always dreamed about, without wasting precious time on unnecessary things that are only a barrier to a better life.

Do not try to be perfect. Do not try to get rid of procrastination entirely. Be realistic. Excessive self-control can make you unhappy, so it’s important to keep balance.