How to Choose Perfect Prom Dress

How to Choose Perfect Prom Dress

Nerdy-Writers May 3, 2018 0
How to Choose Perfect Prom Dress

While finishing your dissertation don’t think about the degree certification only. The huge party is coming, and you should look fabulous. We will help you to make your choice and don’t regret your prom look.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you are a pragmatic person, just take a look at rent. If you are a little dreamer, buy the look of you desired even if you’ll never wear it again. It will be your reminder about the youth and high hopes times.

The inspiration

You don’t need to read the dozens of fashion blogs and to review several hours of YouTube videos to become a fashion pro. The only thing you need is a highbrow taste, but indeed this dimension is too subjective.
Nevertheless, several life hacks and resources will make this task much easier for you:

  • When you are cooking or eating just turn on Fashion TV, and one moment the inspiration will come.
  • Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Prada will never disappoint you but search for the websites that were created specifically for cloth designers and tailors.
  • A little black dress is your best friend and a teammate for a prom party.
  • Pinterest is your major influencer. Just scroll down and the idea about the prom dress will come to you.
  • Go shopping but don’t buy anything on the first try.
  • Look at people around. Trends are everywhere.

When you are falling into dreams about your prom night, don’t move too far from reality. Not only the brand-new thing makes your style, but everything should be at a very very high level.
Go to the hairdresser, take care of the make-up, accessories, and shoes. Wrong shoes can blemish everything.

The action

There are many cute garbs all over the Internet, but it’s not recommended to by one without trying it on. The way the dress looks on a model is hugely different thing comparing to you and your expectations. The best and the most extraordinary way to have a fashionable look for prom is to go to the tailor shop and to create your model. It will be even cheaper than to buy something but you should spend more time for tailoring and even few extra kilos before the prom will ruin your party.
If you have decided to buy the dress anyway, here are recommendations for you:

  • Your favorite color is not the one which suits you the most. Open your close and were all the dresses one by one, take photos and compare them by colors.
  • Pastel shades are the best solution for the garb.
  • Take into account your face and body shape.
  • Your neckline form depends on your face shape. The length and the shape of the dress are better to select due to your stature.
  • Don’t ever buy the dress which doesn’t allow you to move quickly even if it looks perfect.

So it’s quite simple to find a prom dress that fits you the most so don’t hesitate to make your choice now and as Rihanna says: “shine bright like a diamond.”