How to Pick a Proper History Theme from a Variety of Argumentative Topics for College Students

How to Pick a Proper History Theme from a Variety of Argumentative Topics for College Students

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How to Pick a Proper History Theme from a Variety of Argumentative Topics for College Students

An American screenwriter, Michael Crichton, once said ‘”If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.” History plays a vital role in the social development. The more people pay attention to the past and cause-effect relationship between different events, the better future can wait for them. In order to avoid terrifying, fatal mistakes, it’s important to learn history and understand why one historical event or other has happened and what impact on the society it has had. That said, history is a serious, topical subject in the school curriculum. That is why writing an essay on argumentative topics dedicated to various historical facts is popular among school and college students.

History is an unlimited source of topics for papers. This term includes all the possible periods and aspects of life – from ancient times to the modern lifestyle. It touches on the huge variety of themes: war, society, countries, cities, politics, laws, international relations, and many more.

Choosing Argumentative Topics to Write a History Essay

Argumentative writing is debatable. It requires you to take a position among opposing points on a topic and prove it with well-researched facts. You should find the way to persuade another person to believe in your thesis. As a rule, to turn your paper idea into a working topic you have to make a question from it. It can sound this way: what are the causes of the American-Russian conflict?

If you have a superpower of persuasion, you won’t have difficulty with writing such an essay. But there are some main requirements created by academic experts with years of experience to take into account while writing an argumentative essay.

  1. The most important element of an argumentative essay is the author’s position. Initially, you need to state your own point of view and include it in your paper.
  2. If you claim your position without convincing facts in favor of it, it won’t be convincing for your audience. Include considerable reasons to make your audience believe your thesis.
  3. To make your argumentative research more convincing, support it is with facts and evidence. History essays look more valuable if they contain statistics, dates, examples, quotes, citations, and other influential data.
  4. To be completely effective, include the source of your info, especially if you use quotes or citations. People will probably believe famous historical figures’ thoughts and arguments than your personal facts. Just prove your ideas by their statements.
  5. If your essay includes counterarguments that prove the opponent’s positions are not true, your paper will look extra convincing.
  6. If it’s possible, add your own experience.
  7. Don’t forget about a compelling resolution. It should be short while sound strong and effective. Differ a logical conclusion from an emotional utterance.
  8. Try to follow a strict structure while writing: intro, arguments, refuting the other side’s arguments, and a conclusion.
  9. Avoid such unhealthy habits in writing as very emotional language. The language of argument should be strict and laconic.
  10. Don’t use unreliable sources for evidence. Opt for such trustworthy issues, like books, famous newspapers (The New York Times), scientific researchers, quotes and studies of competent people.
  11. Always remember about plagiarism and avoid all its aspects.

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The hardest part of writing a paper is deciding which subject to discuss. There are tons of topics available to get you started. But the world isn’t monochromatic or just black and white – there are a lot of gray shades that provide with plenty of topics to pick from. Think of this list of ideas for history essay.

  1. How did the Industrial Revolution change Great Britain?
  2. The reasons for the Industrial Revolution in England.
  3. What caused the changes in fashion in the 20th century?
  4. The effect of American art of the 20th century on the modern life.
  5. Was the economics of Europe after World War one of the reasons that resulted in further conflict?
  6. The effect of the establishment of the National Film Board of Canada.
  7. How did Greek culture impact the European culture?
  8. What caused the first economic downturn in the US?
  9. Was there the real connection between the end of WW I and the beginning of WW II?
  10. The effect of Britain colonization on America.
  11. The role of slavery in Jamaica’s present time?
  12. What was the role of the United States in the Panama foundation?
  13. The impact of the “Lost Generation” representatives on European culture.
  14. How have American and Russian relations developed over the centuries?
  15. The negative impact of Pol Pot on Cambodia.
  16. Was America “a land of opportunities”?
  17. How did people come to America in the search for a more comfortable life?
  18. The effect of Puritanism on the modern American lifestyle.
  19. The role of the American Constitution on the society.
  20. Slavery as a cause of the Civil War.
  21. Was the war in Vietnam inevitable?
  22. The impact of the US’ spreading democracy to other countries.
  23. The problem of slavery in America in the 18th century.
  24. Is it possible to impeach a president for personal moral misconduct?
  25. The United States as a “world’s policeman.”
  26. Slave laws and its alterations.
  27. The problem of slavery at the present time.
  28. What was the role of Sons of Liberty in the colonists’ life?
  29. The influence of Abraham Lincoln on the democratic development of the country.
  30. The reasons for conflict between the native Americans and colonists.
  31. The effect of the Embargo Act on the US economy.
  32. Why did the North fight for the federal power?
  33. Why did the South struggle for states’ independence?
  34. The problem of racial discrimination in the present United States.
  35. The roots of racial discrimination in the US.
  36. Has the racial discrimination existed in the US despite the fact of having an African American President?
  37. African American’s rights vs White men’s right in the US history.
  38. Did female education differ from male one in the 20th century? Why?
  39. Women’s fight for their rights in the US.
  40. The Roman roots of contest sports.
  41. The achievements of the American civil rights movement.
  42. Why is Robert E Lee a contradictory person in the US history?
  43. The premises of the cold war.
  44. What were the consequences of the cold war for Russian?
  45. The influence of the cold for on the United States economics and lifestyle.
  46. The effect of extraordinary medieval family laws on society.
  47. The war in Palestine.
  48. The effect of various religious cults on ancient lifestyle.
  49. What was the most remarkable revolution in history?
  50. The influence of religion on the political life in Russia.
  51. The consequences of the United States immigration process.
  52. The freedom for African Americans in the 18th century was only the start of a huge set of new issues. Why?
  53. The contrast between Catholic and Orthodox.
  54. How does Muslim differ from country to country?
  55. Why did China weaken after the Opium Wars?
  56. The impact of Grigoriy Rasputin on empire destiny.
  57. The problem of Muslim in India.
  58. The extreme influence of terrific Holocaust on the whole world.
  59. What are the main preconditions of the Russin-American conflict?
  60. Communism ideology in Cuba.
  61. James Cook’s discovery of Australia: how a mistake became an outstanding finding.
  62. The facts of the real darkness of the Dark Ages.
  63. The real face of Robin Hood in the English history.
  64. Did Count Dracula exist, or was he just a subject to an amazing legend?
  65. The effects of China’s one-child policy.
  66. Can a war has a positive influence on the area it takes place?
  67. The history of prosecution of drugs.
  68. The development of the war on drugs.
  69. How has the electricity invention changed the overall history?
  70. How has feminism changed society?
  71. Why did William the Conqueror hold England under control for years?
  72. Was it possible to end the Cold War earlier?
  73. The collapse of the Soviet Union.
  74. Why did the Anglo-Zanzibar last 38 minutes?
  75. Why did Sparta have more slaves than inhabitants?
  76. The Arabs numerals invention belongs to Hindus. Why?
  77. The role of Margaret Sanger in the development of birth control sphere.
  78. Why were potatoes banned in Britain and some European countries?
  79. The reasons for the Fall of Rome.
  80. What are the most significant reasons for world wars?
  81. The influence of technology machines on the economics of the 21 century.
  82. The problem of illegal immigration in Europe.
  83. Political reforms in the US as vital changes to Americans’ life style?