How to stop being nervous because of exams

How to stop being nervous because of exams

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How to stop being nervous because of exams

Every student has worries and concerns before, during and after the exams. Even having strong stress resistance, a person may have malaise. It is strongly recommended overcoming this anxiety and stop being nervous, otherwise, the unstable condition of the nervous system can cause serious problems to the health and mingle passing the exams. It is not a rare situation when a student keeps on being nervous even after the exam. Returning to the normal and stable condition is extremely important since there will be more exams on the next courses and the ability to manage with stress will be needed again.

Fighting with nervous conditions

What about medicines?

Some people use sedative medicine to relieve the stress and nervous condition before the exams and recommend other people do the same. But the specialists in the medical field do not recommend taking any drugs since they reduce the thinking activity, cause oscitancy and slow the reaction which is required for answering the questions on the exams and during preparation for them. Should you feel that you are too worried, it is allowed to take some pills of valerian. Do not overdo with the dose, otherwise, you have a risk of falling asleep at the exam. The slight sedative means could be useful when your anxiety is too high and you cannot fall asleep. But the kind of the medicine should be prescribed by the doctor.

Self-control and auto-training

Self-control is the most efficient means of fighting with nervous tension. Should the degree of stress is reaching the maximum level, you have to help yourself — make a deep breath and count to ten. Enriching the body with oxygen influences positively on the blood system condition and improves the thinking activity. The ability to overcome stressful and nervous situations will help you manage with other more serious problems which expect you in your life.

Auto-training is not the less effective way to calm down. Say to yourself that everything is going to be alright and the exam is not the end of the life. You are going to pass it and your current worries will be forgotten. So, there is no need to torture yourself with being worried too much.

Take a walk

During preparation for the exams, the most students study all days and all nights. Some of them try to learn the subject the last day before the exams. Both strategies are wrong. The psychologists recommend postponing the studying the day before the exams and go out for walking. You can take a walk to the park to breathe fresh air and enjoy the calm of nature. You can also meet your friends and take a walk together. The point is that you should walk. In this situation, your mind relaxes and your attention is going to be switched to other activity.

Get some exercises

Cycling, tennis, volleyball and other active kinds of sport are useful and efficient at fighting with the nervous condition before the exams. Going in for sport will also ensure good and deep sleep, which is very important for relaxing the central nervous system and body. The ordinary physical exercises at home are also very useful.

Prepare everything in advance

Prepare everything for the important day: your bag, books, pencils, snacks. It is not less important to prepare your clothes for the X-day. Think about your hairstyle and the way you will look at the exam. When you feel comfortable and self-confident, some nervous will disappear. Whatever your grade will be (“A” of course), your teacher will appreciate your serious preparation for his subject. When you have everything ready, you do not worry about forgetting something at least.


What can be better than being in the place of your dream? When you feel tired and don’t have any desire and power to go out, meditation is what should help you. Put your books and writings aside and find the most comfortable place you feel fine at. You can lay on your bed, close your eye, breath deeply and draw the place of your dream in your imagination. When you imagine a forest, draw in your imagination a picture with high trees full of bright-green leaves. Remember the bird songs; try to see them flying. Feel the warm sun rays on your face, soft grass under your bare feet. Enjoy the slight wind blowing on your skin.

Should you fall asleep while meditating, it is even better; you will have a healthy sleep after which you will continue learning.

After exam

The best way to release nervous tension after the difficult examination day is just to walk around. Do not take a bus to reach your home, but take a walk. If your friends would take it with you, you can discuss how everything passed. While talking with your friends, you will be able to share your feelings, drain off the excess of emotions and accumulated stress.

The examination days won’t last forever and in several weeks, you will be smiled at how nervous you were. You are going to get the highest marks and all will be fine. You should only learn the material, sleep yourself out and be self-confident.