How to Use Social Networks to Choose the University

How to Use Social Networks to Choose the University

Nerdy-Writers October 8, 2018 0
How to Use Social Networks to Choose the University

In current days modern technologies are absolutely everywhere: we use mobile phones to make calls to friends and relatives, text through the messengers, talk with parents on Skype, etc. Many people consider all those digital opportunities are for fun and easy talking. Actually, it is not like that. All the social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter can be rationally used for the sake of looking for the necessary information, develop ourselves, and others. But it is up to people whether put likes to the photos of friends on Instagram or watch funny videos on Facebook, or develop business in these social networks or look for useful information. Here we will talk about the ways how to use social networks to choose the future university.

Useful Posts

Talking about the Instagram, you definitely have to be subscribed in many bloggers and read his posts at least every day. Do not know why, but many human beings are fond of reading posts about other people life: they find it rather interesting. However, bloggers are different and they write about different things which find delightful for their self. In current days more bloggers are rather young, they are studying at schools or universities. The last ones know a lot about entering the university because had such experience. So, you for sure can discover new education institutions for you, while reading the posts of these bloggers. Very often, being the students of the first course, they tell a lot about their difficulties, positive and negative aspects of studying in the definite university, etc. The only thing you have to do is find such people, but usually, it is not a big problem, as your friends must know some famous bloggers, which just entered the university and share experience in their Instagram profile. One more thing is not to be shy to write these teenagers and ask them anything you are interested in about the educational institution they are studying at. Usually, bloggers are rather amiable and helpful, they are just ordinary people with their problems. So do not hesitate to ask, if you really need a piece of advice.

What about the Facebook, in this social media everything is a little bit different than in Instagram. Instead of bloggers, you can very often find a page of university itself in this social network. There can be a special group of the university, where they post all the novelties, updated and useful information about their educational institution. Their pages are very active at the end of spring and at the beginning of the autumn when there are intake sessions. For sure, the page is active for the whole year, so you can write them and ask everything you are needed. Not only that, but there are a lot of groups for students from every university, or for students from the definite faculty of the educational institution. Usually, there are a lot of useful discussions of the current news in the university, any information about the entering and other issues.

Do not Forget about YouTube

Read useful posts is sometimes boring, so in case you are the YouTube fan, you can scroll through a lot of videos and find an appropriate for you. Bloggers are not only on Instagram or Facebook but also on YouTube. There are many of them, who talk about their experience in the foreign universities or in universities within the country you are living in. Do not be sure that all the bloggers take videos about entertainment, traveling or something like that. To be honest a lot of YouTubers record educational videos, where they do not only describe their university, faculty, teacher, subjects, etc, but learn you some skills which they are good at. Rarely, but there are some universities which download videos about the studying process in their university and much useful information about it. Everything you need is to search for it. It is told that the one who looks for will definitely find.


Despite the fact that universities are rather classical educational institutions, we live in the twenty-first century, at the age of modernization and progress. So even such educational institution can have their account in Facebook or download videos in YouTube. Taking into account that there are a lot of online education programs, the education itself is becoming more and more convenient and rather interesting to learn and explore.