How to write the best essay Practical tips and sharp advice

How to write the best essay Practical tips and sharp advice

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How to write the best essay Practical tips and sharp advice

What does the expression “the best essay” mean to you? Should it be the best among those you have written before? Should it be better than your friends’ essays? When you have a goal to write the best paperwork ever, you should be very excited about this task, should not you? If you take writing an essay seriously, you have to be ready to meet all the requirements set for the compositions writing. It can be a real problem to create a composition which would be rewarded as “the best essay”. Why? You may simply face the lack of inspiration or won’t be able to find the right words for your thought’s proper presentation. But do not worry! You just need some time to make a plan, conduct some researching work and work hard. And that is it — the perfect essay is ready!

Great essay writing tips

What is an essay?

An essay is a literary genre which is distinguished by a small volume and free content. An assignment writing is a demonstration of your ability to represent and frame your thoughts, opinions and points of view. The biggest value of this paperwork is freedom of a subject choice. You are allowed to write whatever you like and discuss any issue which concerns you. However, you need to remember, that in spite of the given freedom, you should choose a subject which is original and your opinion concerning an issue should not be trivial.

An essay structure

Like any paperwork, it has a definite structure, you should adhere to. Should you fail meeting the requirements for the structure building, you can forget about the highest mark for your composition, which means that it won’t be considered the best one. Since you are going to create a successful essay, you are to follow the given below structure:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Main Part;
  3. Conclusion.

The structure is being made on the basis of the requirements specified: whether the author’s opinion is expressed by theses, or it should be confirmed by arguments. The arguments are the facts, the events, life situations or experience or the references to the scientists’ opinions. To create the best essay it is desirable for you to provide 2-3 arguments per a thesis.

What to start with?

This is the main question a writer wills to find an answer on. But the essential thing he/she has to keep in mind that the primary thing a reader sees in the essay is a title. There is a lot of tips on the internet for easy assignment writing and all of them are focused on the most important task is a successful subject selection. An original idea or a subject is 75% of a paperwork success. If there are 100 or more essays your professor reads, he/she will prefer a subject that has the most interesting, exciting and breathtaking idea.

Before starting creating a new Word document, you are recommended to clarify the following moments:

  • volume (the 600-words paperwork will radically be different from 2000 one);
  • amount of researching work (for some kind of essay you will require a deeper studying);
  • decide what kind of essay you are going to create (narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, critical, argumentative);
  • define the target reader (whether you are writing for your teacher or for friends, for professionals in the given field or for amateurs hereof);
  • select the tone of voice you are going to use (neutral, informative, laconic tone is desirable).

The matter of concern

So, how to create the best essay which will be appreciated by the readers? How to reach the highest quality of a paperwork? How to get the highest grade for your hard work on the assignment? The get the answers to these questions, you should judge from the reader’s point of view. Imagine that it is you who assess your paperwork.

One of the characteristic features of an assignment is putting the questions by a writer. It is fine if there is only one question, but what if there are 4 and more, and all of them have no answers, but a reader has to answer them himself? And to be more realistic, a reader has to look through 50 or more works but not yours only. And now, imagine that a reader is you. Will you have time to answer all questions and follow the main ideas of the work? Will you have a desire to spend your time on finding the answers on? The result is apparent. And now imagine, that besides the questions you have the answers on them. In this situation, a reader (you) has a possibility to trace the connection between a question and the answer, to assess the logic, depth and originality. The question and an answer are like two halves of one apple. Put them together and you will reach the perfect picture of a paperwork.

Another secret of the best composition is filling the body of your paperwork with examples. You need to show that you’ve plenty of proves and arguments which support your main ideas. Your reader has to see the evidence that you have conducted the in-depth research of a matter under discussion. Every thesis looks finished when it is supported by examples and facts. A composition which contains examples looks more vivid. But do not overdo with examples.

The most people like reading beautiful magazines where the text is divided into paragraphs, so it is easy to read the text. When your essay is one of the hundreds which are written in one solid paragraph, it is a real challenge to the readers to keep up the concentration. Separate the Introduction from the Main Part and the Main Part from the Conclusion. Divide the paragraphs by an empty line Make a composition which will be like a fresh wind on a hot day. Bear in mind that your essay is read by people, who also like beautifully designed texts.

The last but not the least criteria for the best paperwork it the availability of inspiration. Your reader feels when the composition is written with love and desire.

You are able to create a very qualitative work and after reading this post you know what to do to present the best essay ever.