Memorize new information: the method of interval repetition

Memorize new information: the method of interval repetition

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Memorize new information the method of interval repetition

Our brain is a muscle, and for more effective work of memory, it must be regularly trained. For the mind, there is an analog of interval training – the method of interval repetition, that is designed to make people memorize a significant amount of information in a particular way. The human brain is built in such a way that it remembers information better if it is repeated several times during sufficiently long time, and there should be periods of rest between periods of memorizing. When we face a task of remembering a vast amount of data, we must approach the solution of this problem taking into account how our brain and our long-term memory work.

What is the sense of the method?

Sometimes it is necessary to keep in mind a massive amount of information. The most striking example is the study of a foreign language, where you can not go far without a vocabulary. The method consists in the fact that the information is to be repeated at specific, ever-increasing intervals of time, and each time you turn to this information precisely at the moment when you already start to lose it.

The method of interval repetition, which is just intended for the competent memorization of large volumes of data, is based on the idea that there is an optimal moment for repeating what you need to learn. The most effective moment to review is just before you are ready to forget this information. If you repeat earlier, it will be a waste of time, if later, then you will not repeat the material, but teach it anew. It is worthwhile to find this most optimal moment, especially if you have not just one subject.

Where can you apply this method of memorization?

You can use this method to fix any kind information – rules, dates, definitions, formulas, etc., although it has been most actively used in the study of foreign languages, where, as you understand, you want it or not, you have to learn a lot of unfamiliar words. Of course, if you need a foreign language just to write few essays on a subject, you can not push yourself too much, order it on the best essay writing service in the UK, get your excellent mark and forget it. But if you plan to move for study in another country, travel or it is needed to communicate with foreign business partners at work, then the technique of interval memory will help you keep your knowledge always fit.

What regularity of repetition is the most effective?

The first time you should repeat this word in a few minutes, then in an hour, then on the next day, then in 2 days, 5 days, 10 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, etc. These words will stay in your head for the rest of your life. We all are different, and these intervals might be a little bit different for you, but not significant. We need to choose and adjust this scheme for ourselves once, so that it can be used successfully, regardless of what we need to memorize.