The Differences Between MA and BA

The Differences Between MA and BA

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The Differences Between MA and BA

Education usually differs from one country to another, but it has a lot of things in common too, especially if we are talking about education in Western World. Bachelor’s degree is a mandatory thing for those who decided to finish university education while master’s degree isn’t necessary, but if you want to continue your education MA is what you are going to face. In this case, you should prepare yourself for a much more challenging studying.

Take into account that the classic idea of Master’s degree, as a more complicated version of Bachelor’s degree, is now changing. Modern education has a popular tendency when people move from one area of studying to another. MA in some universities is aimed at such people. Sometimes it is a “lighter” version of BA, which provides you with a more intensive course in order to give you an opportunity to finish the course faster.

Let’s take a look at some differences between BA and MA:

  • Bachelor’s programme is usually three, sometimes four years long. Unlike it, MA takes only one year on a full-time basis.
    To take BA a student usually needs to have some kind of a formal education depending on the country’s educational system. Master’s degree requires a proper BA programme.
    BA programme is a standard university programme which provides you with a wide range of options and disciplines, while MAs have a much more narrow focus for an expert knowledge in one single sphere.
    BA is designed for an average student. Its material has an average difficulty level, while the MA is going to bring you a lot of difficulties. To be more precious, during the MA programme you will face the most challenging tasks in the current sphere of knowledge.
    BA is a fundamental university degree. It means that you will study a lot of theory. MA is a highly specialized programme and it aims at solving the latest problems that are connected to your sphere.
    As you could already guess, the main goal of BA is to give you general knowledge in the sphere you are studying. BA doesn’t provide you with some narrow knowledge, while the MA does it.
    BA dissertation usually isn’t very big. For some specialties, there is even no need to write it. When we are talking about MA, the dissertation is required. While BAs can be pretty abstract, MA work is bigger than the previous one and it consists of some detailed question, which demands from you a lot of very specific knowledge.
    To get Bachelor’s degree a person doesn’t need to make extensive primary research. As it was already said, the BA dissertation can be more abstract, where you can need to make a lot of references. MA dissertation requires from you to conduct extensive primary research, which means that you need to make some original research that was never be done before. It is more like PhD, than Bachelor’s dissertation.
    Bachelor’s dissertation teaches a student how to do a scientific research work as well as it gives him general or basic knowledge of his sphere. The Master’s dissertation is closely connected to the student’s career. The MA topic describes what the student will explore during his further academic activity.

Keep in mind, that the academic degrees can vary from one university to another. In some universities, a student can achieve Bachelor’s degree just after some period of time without any specific exams or works. Some Scottish universities don’t have BA degree at all as after finishing studying you’re getting Master’s degree.

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