Tips on how to be a good student and a cool person in the meantime

Tips on how to be a good student and a cool person in the meantime

Nerdy-Writers June 4, 2018 0
Tips on how to be a good student and a cool person in the meantime

It is not necessary to make friends with all your classmates but be open and able to chat, have a rest sometimes and speak while having a break – that makes sense. The first day at your new educational institution is the best moment to make a good impression. We don’t say that communication with people around is the most important one, the main goal is getting the education. But you can balance. Don’t worry, even if you had no friends at school these tips would help be both a smart and cool student.

  1. Appearance
    A good initial impression can play into the hands. Your classmates will value you for your inner world, but only in some time. They will never find out what a great person you are if they don’t like your appearance. It is not about being like a photo model or wearing brand clothes. It is about being a neat, stylish and friendly person. If you are messy or scruffy, wearing big ugly glasses instead of buying something that suits you or trying contacts (if it is possible), forget about daily hygiene habits, look at everybody with mistrust, it will take a long time to get rid of the label “nerd” pinned on you. It is awful that people pay much attention to appearance, but they do. It is easier to give them no chance to judge you on how you look.
  2. Time for Pleasure.

You are doing well and excel your classmates in the study. You spend much time learning and making progress towards your honors degree. Keep doing it! But even nerdy essay writers in the UK are welcomed to the parties and different events. Don’t refuse them. Show people that you are right not only in the classroom, but you can have fun with all the hearts and hit the dancefloor. You deserve it, and if there are no deadlines for tomorrow, you can relax a little. That life is not only your study. Add some bright colors and entertainment to your weekdays – party hard!

  1. Don’t have your nose in the air

You work hard for reaching your goals and people around can look at you with delight and envy your impressive knowledge, skills, and result. Nice job! You got it, and nobody will take it from you. Don’t give yourself airs. Stay an easy person to talk to. Don’t show off your achievements. Try to listen more than you speak. Hold up a conversation and ask questions. Don’t make your company feel embarrassed if he is not correct or says something wrong. Always try to help if it is needed and you are asked in a friendly way. You will be a person who is known to lend a helping hand that makes people trust, respect you and considers you his friend.

That’s it. Following these not hard tips, you don’t have to choose between study and social life. Having accomplished your main goal (education), you will be not a nerd, but an example for your classmates, a person who balances being cool and smart. You will get another “A” for this life lesson.