Top Analytical Essay Topics

Top Analytical Essay Topics

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Top analytical essay topics

All the school and college students sometimes get a task that requires to stimulate and develop their analytical thinking through writing an analytical essay. In such cases, you can always get help from our essay writing service. To make its realization easier for you, we offer to familiarize yourself with examples of actual analytical essay topics and to broaden your knowledge about this type of writing task.

What is the analytical essay?

Before start writing, it is necessary to clarify the definition of an analytical essay. Although the term may seem very serious and formal, do not be afraid of this task because actually, usually you are allowed to come up with the topic by yourself and choose the most interesting problem on your taste. There is a big space to free up your writing potential and express your ideas.

The analytical essay is such a type of creative writing task where you are asked to share your observation concerning the particular topic. You must remember that it should be informative and include the confirmations of your interpretation in the way of presenting a thesis, pros and cons arguments, facts from the reliable sources. The subjects of your examination can be a book, event, piece of art, poem, movie, etc.

The purposes of the analytical essay writing

There are numerous reasons to practice your analytical essay writing. It is not a tricky task from your teacher/professor but the effective method if you wish to improve your analytical thinking. Fulfilling such type of an assignment, you learn how to write a work where your judgment is not a plot of your imagination, but it is based on the facts and convincing arguments. You practice presenting the notions in a formal and informative style that contributes to the broadening of academic vocabulary, developing the thematic focus and improving the ability for evaluation of the concepts.

The writing of an analytical essay directs the young people to examine the phenomenon from a perspective of their critical thinking skills. These skills play a significant role in the ability to make objective and rational conclusions referring to the main points of the theme. The writer has to identify the problem, analyze the reasons, provide the evidence that supports the claim and optionally give his critical evaluation.

Top 70 Analytical Essay Topics


  1. The impact of books on people’s lives.
  2. Do we read the books for studying or for pleasure?
  3. The influence of historical background on the author.
  4. Are the main aspects of the character’s personality still actual in our days?
  5. The key events that create the mood of the book.


  1. Social roles in the family: is the equality of gender is good or not?
  2. The specialty of communication between men and woman in different cultures.
  3. What are the main difficulties of single-parent families?
  4. Graffiti on the streets: vandalism or piece of art?
  5. How does the civilization impact the human psychology?
  6. Youth subcultures like a way to express the personality.
  7. Do the people have to forbid children to play computer games?
  8. Trend of modeling: does the thinness have a future?
  9. The meaning about multicultural marriages 50 years ago and now: does it change?
  10. Business lady and a mom: is it possible for a woman to combine harmoniously the work and family life?
  11. Alcohol and drugs addiction: social responsibility or personal choice?

Nature and ecology

  1. Which steps I personally can do to reduce the pollution?
  2. The possible alternatives to the testing on animals.
  3. Harmful and useful bacterias for our body.
  4. The danger of epidemy in the XXI century.
  5. The ways to stop the poaching.
  6. Global warming: the rising up or falling down tendency?
  7. Waste-free production: the modern approaches to generate energy from the waste products.
  8. CO2 pollution: the situation in the megapolises, provinces, and villages.
  9. Water pollution: tragical consequences for animals.
  10. Nature as a source of energy for a human being.

People and psychology

  1. Is it possible to change the character?
  2. What is better: to be a single child in the family or to grow up with many sisters and brothers?
  3. The reasons why people turn out to be homosexual?
  4. Positive thinking like a way of life.
  5. Why do children and teenagers like to eat unhealthy food?
  6. What makes people feel confident in the group of other people?
  7. The connection between a good study and a successful life.
  8. Why do people start smoking?
  9. To stand out from the crowd: is a strong position or a dangerous strategy?
  10. Why do teenagers have difficulties in relations with parents?

Organization and work

  1. Do the men become a bigger salary than the women in the same position?
  2. What is a productive organization of working process?
  3. How does the resume affect the salary?
  4. Climbing the career ladder: to change the position or to change the company?
  5. The most often reasons for burnout.
  6. Who is more responsible for the level of work motivation: the employer or employee?
  7. Lady boss as a result of emancipation.
  8. Is it possible to have two leaders in a team?
  9. How to create a comfortable atmosphere in the working place?
  10. The methods to deal with the conflict with clients and colleagues.

Political and economic

  1. How does the brain-drain influence the economy?
  2. The methods to stop the global poverty.
  3. Democratic society as protection for homosexuals.
  4. The hidden ways of political manipulations.
  5. The economic consequences of natural disasters.
  6. Ways to protect the private investments.
  7. Is revolution a norm or a pathology?
  8. The connection between the form of government and the living standard of a country.
  9. The problems of modern democracy.
  10. The extinction of villages: why do more and more people prefer to move to the city?


  1. How does the upbringing in childhood affect the probability to become a member of the gang in adulthood?
  2. The role of female members in the band.
  3. Why do some people tend to be involved in criminality more than others?
  4. How to resist the influence of gang on the youth?
  5. What are the most effective ways to protect the child from the contact with gangs?


  1. The use of the Artificial Intelligence in the education branch.
  2. Smart devices during the lessons: Pros and Cons.
  3. How do the electronic devices help to organize our life?
  4. The possibilities of new informational technologies in the students’ experience.
  5. How did the modern technologies change the human being?


  1. How to support the immune system during the stress period?
  2. The compulsory vaccination of the population: use or harm for the people?
  3. Should the state control the prices for medicines?
  4. The role of the mass media by the trend to a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Psychological hygiene for physical wellness.

How to choose the topic for analytical essay?

  1. Before making a final choice, analyze as many options as possible. For this purpose, you can look for inspiration on the Internet resources or carry out a brainstorm of your ideas.
  2. The freedom of choice gives the possibility to write on the subject you understand well. It is your chance to receive a good mark, and you shouldn’t miss it. Don’t even think to write about what you will not be able to write qualitatively.
  3. Don’t spend your main energy for the choice of a subject. You should not pay too much time on it. Try to choose the main point quickly. For this, you can use a method of elimination. At once exclude what you can’t write about as you won’t be able to present a question profound.
  4. Make the approximate plan of a subject, and if you meet certain difficulties, then you can make some changes in it. You can edit the name of the composition topic even in the middle of the writing process if you are given the right to choose it on your own.
  5. Your text has to correspond to a subject and expose an interesting actual problem, or even several problems. The captivating title will allow you to attract the interest of the public and person who checks your composition. You can even make certain mistakes, but impressive contents will save your work.
  6. Despite the choice of a topic the author has to observe the structure of the composition. The essay has to consist of an introduction, 3 paragraphs of the main body and the conclusion. Each component of this algorithm has to correspond to the chosen subject.
  7. Write an analytical essay on a theme which causes enthusiasm to you. Personal interest will increase motivation and provide you with a good mark.