Ways to Save Money in London When You Are a Student

Ways to Save Money in London When You Are a Student

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Ways to Save Money in London When You Are a Student

Frugality guide for a student in London

London is among the most expensive cities in the world. The student, especially if he is a foreigner, just need some practical and relevant advice that help to make his or her life in the capital of Great Britain interesting and not ruining for the budget.

If you are going to study in one of the brightest and the inimitable places on the planet, it is worth knowing that this is not a cheap pleasure, even if you are a happy owner of a grant for education in prestigious college or university in the prime city of the United Kingdom.

London survival lessons tips are based on an analysis of the experience of the graduates, professional travelers, as well as the hints from local residents who are fully aware of the life that is specific for the megapolis located on the banks of the Thames.

Knowledge of the proper approach to money saving will help you to spend your student`s life unforgettably and brightly, filling your memory and photo albums with unique and pleasant impressions.

The main items of expenditure are food, accommodation, transport, and entertainment.


If it is not suitable to stay on a campus or in any student hostel you can cooperate with the friends and save cohabitation in the rented apartments. This will significantly reduce the cost of housing with your own personal space.

The chosen area is of great importance for the price of a lodging. To date, the reasonable prices are in the Holland Ave and Earl`s Court areas. It is important to choose the housing in the closest proximity to the place of study because the cost of locomotion along London and the suburbs is quite high and can be unpleasantly surprised for the student`s wallet.

Transport Questions

The top thing that is to be done in the premier days of your stay in London is to purchase a detailed city map. This will allow you to orient the distances that are faster and more convenient to overcome on foot. London is divided into zones to which that transport ticket prices differ a lot. In some destinations, it is more profitable to get by public transport, and in certain cases, it is cheaper to use the metro (subway, underground).

One-time tickets for underground transportation are expensive, and you cannot buy a one-time ticket for a bus at all. For convenience and maximum savings on payment, you should buy a prepaid electronic personalized transfer card, as Bus&Tram Pass or Oyster card that entitles you to pay for travel in the London Underground, use buses and the Docklands subway. The fare for such cards will be two times lower than with other payment methods. The cardholders are primarily informed about any changes in routes and this option let the students save their time and money.

There are student`s transport special offers in London, which assume a discount of over 30% of a prime price. To do this you need to register at a railcard.co.uk site, where a youth travel ticket is issued known as a “16-25”.

They use two-wheeled transport in London. Many rental companies allow renting a bicycle if you do not have the one of your own. As an example, one of the most popular companies is the London Cycling Company.


For the students, it is cheaper to eat at home when living in London. You can buy food and cook for yourself. If this is not possible, then it is good to use any ready-made culinary masterpieces offered by food supermarkets. At nighttime, the cuisine is offered at a discount of 30-50% off from the original price.

There are special menu offers for business lunch in London cafes and restaurants. The local fast food will save the student from a hunger and a financial ruin. It abounds with China Town fast food meals, for example. There you can get a portion of delicious and high-calorie food within five pounds, while the restaurant should not look at a calculation of fewer than 12-15 pounds per person.

Budget entertainment

Every student has a choice to spend his or her free time with a cognitive or entertaining purpose, allotting the money frugally. Some London museums and historic buildings can be visited free of charge. Many theaters offer inexpensive tickets for performances.

There are numerous discounts in London for the owners of a student ID cards.

As for the youth evening parties, it is worthwhile to join various students communities to receive timely information about interesting events, organized by the students themselves and they do not need a lot of money but can guarantee positive rich student life impressions.