What Foreign Students Should Know About London

What Foreign Students Should Know About London

Nerdy-Writers September 17, 2018 0
What Foreign Students Should Know About London

Many students are eager to study in London. We have prepared some useful tips and answers to common questions that will help you. Today we will share some vital facts that every foreign student needs to find out about London.

Students who were lucky enough to study in London are discovering an incredible number of opportunities but many problems can arise along the way starting from the financial limit, ending with the search for accommodation.

Accommodation Choosing Dilemma

Foreign students are faced with a common problem. It is the choice of housing – what to choose: a separate flat, a room in an apartment with several people or a hostel? It is a dead end for almost every foreigner.

The hostel is an optimal and popular option; it is similar to American student residences; canteen is included in the package of services. It is possible to choose a hostel with a kitchen, where you can prepare food yourself. Why is the hostel the best option? The hostel influences the social environment; it provides an opportunity to make new acquaintances helps to adapt much more quickly in a new country.

What About the Weather?

Myths and pictures in British spy movies about rainy London are true, pay attention that in addition to rains, there can be cold. Free yourself from the cost of paying heating bills and spending on warm clothes. Take a raincoat, warm clothes, an umbrella.

What to Do with Unrealistically High Prices for Educational Literature

Textbooks, educational materials are really very expensive here. Disregarding them can threaten with a bad mark of discipline. The cost of them can be about 300-550$, and the cheapest way out of this situation is the library, make a card in the British Library. Many students state the fact that this is the most suitable place to study, and nothing else like this can be found throughout London. Note that it is best to get acquainted with the course material in advance. Since you do not do this in advance, you may face the fact that someone else will take the last copy of the textbook that you need. You can search for supported textbooks on the Internet, ask older students.

How to Get an Excellent Rating: Write an Essay Properly!

Many students will be surprised by the fact that in London universities there is a great emphasis on writing. Imagine that writing an essay can be 30-100 percent of your estimate. It is really important to take care of your writing skills – professors will examine how you demonstrate your thoughts, put forward arguments, facts. If you master the skills of good writing, you’ll certainly discover new opportunities at the university.

What Should You Do with the Health Issue?

This is a very important issue since health is above all, you need to get medical insurance. In order to choose the most optimal, analyze the price policy of insurance, choose the most affordable for you.

Do Not Delay the Opening a Bank Account, Think About It in Advance

Before arriving in London, arrange a meeting with the bank representative in advance. Rid yourself of the trouble with payment in foreign currency, you do not need much effort to open a bank account. You need your passport, proof of your address and confirmation that you are a student; for the latter, you will be sufficient to present a letter of admission from the university.

If you need a job, the bank account will be useful. Note that foreign students, distinct the British, have the right to earn extra money only up to 10 hours a week.

Perhaps, a representative of the bank will conduct a small interview. He will make a decision of your responsibility, solvency. Opening an account can bring a lot of pleasant bonuses, interest-free payments on the loan. Note that last function may not be available for some foreign students.


By traveling by bus, this will give you the opportunity to explore the terrain but when you ride the subway, carefully look at the distance on the map. Often there is just a couple of minutes’ walk from your initial stop to the required one. It’s free. Pay attention that buying a ticket for a one-time trip you’ll greatly overpay since if you buy a long-term one, you’ll reduce transportation costs.

How to Find a Job?

It’s possible to find work-outs here, the bulletin board at the university contains various work offers on a half-rate or on weekends. Find out if there is a department for employment at the university, a special newspaper with vacancies. It is best to seek work with the help of the university; it promises the most suitable proposals.

Every student has a choice to spend his or her free time with a cognitive or entertaining purpose, allotting the money frugally. Some London museums and historic buildings can be visited free of charge. Many theaters offer inexpensive tickets for performances.

There are numerous discounts in London for the owners of a student ID cards.

As for the youth evening parties, it is worthwhile to join various students communities to receive timely information about interesting events, organized by the students themselves and they do not need a lot of money but can guarantee positive rich student life impressions.