What to do this summer not to be wasted?

What to do this summer not to be wasted?

Nerdy-Writers June 11, 2018 0
What to do this summer

The study year is running out. The exams are close to the finish. Three months of the beautiful, warm and exciting season is coming! You are free to plan it as you want. Don’t even think to spend all this time inside watching TV, sleeping, lazing around or online dissertation writing! You won’t rest for real, the days will be similar to one another, and some years later you will never forgive yourself for a wasted summer!

Feel free to do whatever you want, but we highly recommend you to spend this time both with pleasure and for the benefit of you. You can follow our list to fill three months of summer with purport.

All the activities can be divided into three groups:

  • for body,
  • for soul,
  • for mind.

In real life, they interweave, and you can combine pleasure with business:

  1. Set a daily routine.

The days are longer – the nights are shorter. And you want to sleep all day and party all night after a hard study year. It makes sense, but it has to be balanced. Pick out 1-2 days for impetuous revelry and all the rest for something calmer and healthier. Try to get yourself into a summer routine. You are able to fall asleep earlier on weekdays and get up with the lark to enjoy beautiful sunrises that are special in the summer. You can get suffused with energy and have time to do lots of things during only one day! You can even go on one-day trips, visit many places. Another day – another city. You have dreamed of traveling the whole year! Use the chance!

  1. Pay attention to health and sport.

If you are good at time-management, you can allow time for the physical exercises. If you still can’t, make an effort to find half an hour for your slim and fit body. Summertime is ideal for beach rest. We guess you don’t want to sit in clothes under the tree because of your shyness. Especially when there is no need to roast in a stuffy gym. You can swim, do yoga outside, run in the open air, do watersports. You will find something unique and exciting among such diversity of activities!.

  1. Communicate with close people.

We can bet there are a lot of people who were ignored by you because of lack of time during the year. They realize and accept how busy you are. Now you can dedicate some time to each of them. Family dinners, meetings with old friends and good acquaintances, long call with someone who is close to your hearts but lives miles away. Enjoy the moments together and make a couple of souvenir photos to print them later and make a huge memory board of the brightest and happiest minutes of this season!

  1. Don’t stop developing yourself

There is much knowledge around you in this world that can’t be neglected. Foreign languages, crafts, new sciences. Get new skills, learn to ride a bicycle, drive a car, cook, windsurf, make a handmade necklace or a dress, paint or take an art, design class. You can learn Italian or Chinese finally, read books in the original language, travel and speak more with fellow passengers and tourists. You can finish some courses and get knowledge and clues that can help you to run your startup and make money straight away! It is nice to learn when you do what you like.