What to Expect from the First Relationships at College?

What to Expect from the First Relationships at College?

Nerdy-Writers May 3, 2018 0
What to Expect from the First Relationships at College

Your parents definitely say no because they think you should only study there. Nevertheless, they just say but no one can forbid. They were also young and experienced the same feelings. In very deed, the words as “college and relationships” are interrelated because college is the best place for the birth of the first love.

What Do Relationships Give to You?

In sober fact, if you meet a man or woman you like, you shouldn’t refuse of the relationships only because you are pressed for time. We understand that all students have too busy schedules but it doesn’t mean they should postpone relationships. What are the benefits of such relationships? You can find the answers below.

1. You receive support.

If you really love a person, you’ll support each other in different life circumstances. You’ll spend every free minute together. You can discuss different problems and will receive support. Your parents don’t understand you or you have a spat with your roomie – in any life situation there is a person with whom you can share your emotions and have a good old moan.

2. You will always be protected.

You won’t care that anyone can hurt you. Your boyfriend will always protect you. Even if you have a long party and danced all night long, you’ll have a person who will bring you home.

3. You have another friend.

Your boyfriend is not just a guy with whom you spend your free time. This is your friend as well. For that reason, you can consult him when you write essay for someone or do your homework. If he studies at the same department, you can do your homework together. If you don’t understand one or another concept, you can ask him to explain it to you. Mayhap he has much better grades than you have. For that reason, this is a cool chance to improve your marks.

4. You are happy.

Obtaining a higher education and building a career is definitely good. Nevertheless, nothing but love makes you happier! When you fall in love, your body starts releasing serotonin and dopamine in your brain. As a result, you will be happier! If this person supports you, you will notice a considerable progress in studies. Love won’t influence negatively your life!

5. You will not be bored.

You’ll always have a person with whom you can go for a walk or to the cinema. Even if you are left alone on a campus for a weekend (your group mates when home), your boyfriend will stay with you and you’ll have a fascinating weekend together.

If you have relationships while studying, it doesn’t mean you can forget about classes. You need to study as well. If you don’t want to lose mind, you should build a perfectly balanced life where you combine personal life and education. A smitten kitten would not bother a partner when he or she wrote a dissertation or did a review. This person understands that education is of prime importance for you and won’t ask you to spend time with him by sacrificing education. When you love each other, you’ll respect the values of both. For that reason, it is necessary to differentiate the real love from falling in love.

Even if your teachers or parents talk to you about the bad impact of relationships on your grade, don’t believe them. In very deed, too much is contingent on your attitude to this issue and your relation to education. If you love a person and wish to get a higher education, you will find how to combine both spheres!