Why Should You Avoid Late-Night Study

Why Should You Avoid Late-Night Study

Nerdy-Writers October 1, 2018 0
Why Should You Avoid Late-Night Study

Your life changes completely when you become a student. Most young people leave their homes and their lifestyle is not any more regulated by parents. The tendency to study late at night often becomes quite a usual thing due to the fact that the wish to spend time with friends in the daytime after the classes predominate. Some young people simply feel more comfortable in the late hours and consider late studies a better choice for them.

Even those students who are rather disciplined and responsible in doing assignments on time sometimes cannot avoid late-night scamming before some important test or exam.

If it may pass without consequences from time to time, you should still avoid making all-nighters studies a habit. There are a number of reasons for it.

The LA scholars of the University of California have recently found out that those students, who stay up late for cramming have difficulties the following day at the tests they’ve been preparing for.

As the students grow older the problem compounds as they sacrifice night sleep in favor of studies more often, as a result, the consequences also become more complicated.

So those who don’t have enough sleep usually:

  • Have problems with comprehending the material in class the next day.
  • Do badly on quizzes and tests.
  • Cope worse with their home tasks.
  • Do not remember material later, because cramming the last moment they only enable their short-term memory.

Besides the poorer academic results, the process of studies goes wrong. People are most fresh and perceptive for new information in the morning and this capacity degrades in the course of the day. In the evening your ability to focus is far behind its morning peak levels.

A good idea is only to revise some well-known material before going to bed, it makes sense because it will be easy and comfortable for you to do and beneficial for better remembering the topic.

Though problems with academic studies are bad, they are not the worse thing which threats night owls.

Unfortunately, lack of sufficient and healthy night sleep leads to health problems:

  • The habit of staying awake at night goes hand-in-hand with bad eating habits and the temptation to eat unhealthy food is great especially in the late hours. Thus you get problems with your weight.
  • In addition to the troubles with obesity, you also have problems with the control of body mass. Unhealthy food temptations continue into the next day because when exhausted the body requires extra energy and tries to take it from food.
  • Your health declines holistically, you get higher chances of heart attack, metabolic problems, muscle deterioration, diabetes, respiratory diseases.
  • The healing process of sleep has diminished results as the cells fail to restore, regenerate, repair and rejuvenate.
  • Lack of physical activity due to the exhausted and sleepy state in the daytime.
  • People who lack sleep at night are more subject to psychological distress and depression.
  • Unfortunately, night owls have a 10% higher risk of dying.

Good news is that coming back to a normal lifestyle and regime one can undo the harmful effects of pulling all-nighters for a certain time period.