Writing Vs Typing: What Is Better

Writing Vs Typing: What Is Better

Nerdy-Writers July 3, 2018 0
Writing Vs Typing What Is Better

Studying involves not only listening to the material, reading or memorizing it, but taking notes as well. Students have first-hand knowledge of it. Practically each of their lesson is spent with the notebooks, and they do not get rid of them at home too. Thanks to new technologies, some students stopped writing with pens and notebooks, and type their notes on a laptop or tablet. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, its supporters and opponents, we will dwell on each of them.

Spent time

Which method is faster? Generations Y and Z can tell about computers a lot and they are confident users. That is why typing for them is much easier and quicker, especially if they have a method of touch typing. Mistakes are underlined or corrected automatically, which allows you not to worry about grammar and punctuation. Typing you do not focus on information, but simply work mechanically.

When you write by hand, you slow down and finishing the 1st word there is a chance to miss the whole sentence of the lecturer. Although those who take notes in math or physics lectures prefer to write by hand than to display the mouse with the mouse or the touchpad of the desired table.

Make effort

To carry one tablet or several notebooks with a full pencil box is up to you. By effort, we mean efforts on the process itself.

While taking notes by hand, you concentrate much better, which can allow you to learn all the material in the lesson, and at home only to reread it without cramming. Yes, you will have a pain in your hand, but just in the beginning.

Working on the computer your eyes get tired fast, and this is one of the reasons for the lower level of concentration in the lesson. Sooner or later, you start blue-sky thinking, typing the text, and at home, you have to work on the same material. You feel like you have never seen it before.

Benefits of writing by hand

Such benefits are more than of working in front of the screen. The most obvious of them is the development of fine motor skills and the stimulation of neuromuscular processes. Cognitive processes are closely related to motor processes, scrawling the letters you develop your intellect.

Taking notes manually, you develop your grammar skills, and this is a scientifically proven fact. You make fewer mistakes in words, and you can make up better sentences.

When you write a term paper on a piece of paper, the text turns out to be more diverse. It will be better only if you turn to the best custom essay writing in the UK.

This is also an important way of self-expression and awakening of creative energy. You demonstrate your individuality even by taking notes from the lecturer.

If you are on the verge, writing will help you to calm down as well. During a hard study year, it would be neat!